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Scanwic Food Services


Scanwic is a leading provider of premium beverages to the hospitality industry. We specialize in supplying high-quality products tailored for use in restaurants, hotels, resorts, and holiday parks. Our extensive selection encompasses a diverse array of beverages, meticulously developed and sourced with a global perspective. We take pride in offering products that seamlessly blend superior quality with practical, user-friendly features.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, our dedicated team maintains a hands-on approach, constantly striving to introduce innovative solutions that enhance ease of use. In addition to our wide range of beverages, we also provide essential equipment, complemented by comprehensive service and maintenance support. At Scanwic, we are deeply committed to alleviating the burdens faced by entrepreneurs and Food & Beverage managers. Together, we ensure that guests in the hospitality industry experience the utmost satisfaction with exceptional drinks every day.

Ice Coffee
Solkys cocktails

Find your favourite ice coffee concept here


Chilled smoothies made from 100% fruit.


Frozen drinks

At Scanwic, we understand that the hospitality industry operates around the clock. That's why we offer a dependable supply of high-quality products and ensure the optimal performance of all associated equipment.