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Experience the chill of the coldest cappuccino, the refreshing burst of a sun-kissed smoothie, or the comforting taste of homemade iced tea. At Scanwic, we offer a diverse selection of exclusive drink concepts tailored to your needs. Let us collaborate with you to explore the possibilities within your company.

Solkys Smoothies
Frozen Smoothies
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Solkys—literally translating to "a kiss from the sun"—is a delightful and refreshing fruit sensation crafted from delicious fruits like mango, passion fruit, strawberry, and cherry.

We meticulously select the finest fruits to ensure the freshest and most flavorful taste experience. Solkys Frozen Smoothie is made from 100% fruit, packed with essential vitamins for a healthy boost.

Inspired by the idea of offering a refreshing and high-quality smoothie with minimal preparation steps, our Solkys machine ensures a unique texture and minimal preparation time.



The coldest cappuccino available


A delightful and refreshing choice for a cooling coffee moment. We've carefully selected the very best coffee beans to ensure the finest flavor.

Experience the full-bodied taste of a creamy cappuccino perfectly combined with the smoothness of ice crystals. This fresh and invigorating iced coffee offers a delicious alternative to its hot counterpart.

With the ISINO® machine, enjoy the unique structure and minimal preparation time of the highest quality iced coffee—delivered within seconds. This compact machine boasts a capacity for up to 200 glasses per day, making it an ideal choice for the catering industry during the terrace season. Plus, it's energy-efficient, ensuring both quality and sustainability.